Project Management

Project Management is the practice applied in order to attain specific short and long-term results in highly complex and dynamic environments, and in a way that responds efficiently to the multiple and sometimes contradictory needs and standards of all the stakeholders involved in every step of the process. So, in order to be an efficient Project Manager you need to be able to do what is described above in the best way, which requires a wide spectrum of perspective, practice and people competencies (IPMA, 2016). These competencies, in turn, require the fundamental intellectual and moral virtues in order to be applied efficiently.

With the virtues, a Project Manager develops the right disposition and ability to apply any competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) s/he has efficiently and in a way that best serves the short and long-term goals of the project while appropriately responding to the needs and standards (e.g. practical, emotional, moral) of all the stakeholders in every step of the process. Virtues help the Project Manager to be willing and able to apply the needed competencies efficiently at any given moment in order to best serve the project’s goals as described above.

All virtues are required for the efficient application of every competency.

However, certain virtues are more important for certain competencies than others. For example, certain Aristotelian Virtues correspond to the perspective, practice and people competencies of IPMA (2016):

  • For practice competencies, all intellectual virtues (Judgment, Prudence, Insightfulness) are absolutely essential while various moral virtues are required as well, i.e. for “Resources”, the moral virtues of Liberality and Magnificence are required , for “Risk & Opportunity”, Courage and Liberality are required, for “Procurement”, Fairness, etc.
  • For how the virtues correspond to the people competencies see the table below:
People Competencies (IPMA, 2016) Virtues
Self-reflection & Self- management Judgment, Prudence, Temperance, Courage, Calmness
Personal Integrity & Reliability Prudence, Honor, Courage, Honesty about oneself, Judgment
Personal Communication Friendliness, Liberality, Honesty for Oneself, Humor
Relationships & Engagement Judgment , Insightfulness, Friendliness, Liberality, Honesty for oneself, Honor, Fairness
Leadership Courage, Liberality, Calmness, Fairness, Friendliness, Judgment, Prudence
Teamwork Friendliness, Liberality, Honesty for Oneself, Humor
Conflict & Crisis Courage, Judgment, Prudence, Honor Calmness, Fairness, Liberality, Insightfulness
Resourcefulness Judgment, Prudence, Temperance, Insightfulness
Negotiation Judgment, Prudence, Insightfulness, Fairness
Result Orientation Prudence, Judgment, Temperance, Honor