Tools for Happiness & Success

Tools for Happiness & Success – OOPPSS – is an electronic platform that hosts the various assessment tools for the assessment of the Aristotelian Virtues of the CAVE© Approach. Depending on your focus areas and your needs, you might choose one of the following virtues’ assessment tools, each corresponding to one of the categories in the following classification of the 14 Aristotelian virtues: Intellectual virtues, Self-expressed Moral virtues & Socially-expressed Moral virtues. Upon each questionnaire’s completion, a corresponding CAVE© Report is developed aiming to raise your awareness of the degree to which you have developed the virtues, and of the possible implications that your virtues’ profile might have to your everyday life. Also, the CAVE© Report provides you with useful guidance regarding the direction of your virtues’ development so as to best promote your wellbeing and success (“eudaimonia”).

All virtues are needed for all skills and professional practices. However, for those who would like to be acquainted gradually with a certain type of virtues (Socially-expressed Moral Virtues, Individually-expressed Moral Virtues or Intellectual Virtues), they can get the short versions provided below. Otherwise, we welcome all to try the full CAVE© Questionnaire in order to gain a complete view of your CAVE© Profile.


  • CAVE® Questionnaire 14 Classical Aristotelian Virtues
  • 90€
  • 100 Questions
  • 14 Virtues
  • 40’-45’ for Completion
  • Details
  • I-CAVE® Questionnaire Intellectual Virtues
  • 50€
  • 28 Questions
  • 3 Virtues
  • 7’-10’ for Completion
  • Details


  • IM-CAVE® Questionnaire Individually-expressed Moral Virtues
  • 40€
  • 23 Questions
  • 5 Virtues
  • 10’-15’ for Completion
  • Details


  • SM-CAVE® Questionnaire Socially-expressed Moral Virtues
  • 60€
  • 49 Questions
  • 6 Virtues
  • 15’-20’ for Completion
  • Details


* For large groups, or under-privileged populations, please contact us, as a different financial policy will be applied.