The CAVE Approach© for HD can be applied by professionals in various fields (business, social, behavioral or human sciences), such as HR experts, business consultants, counselors, professors, educators, trainers, who would like to enrich their methodology in their private practice in order to best serve the goals of their profession that are compatible with the scope and goals of the approach. So, if you are such professionals, we invite you to:

Become a Certified CAVE Approach© Trainer or Mentor

by acquiring the (CACCT) and (CACCM) CAVE Approach© Certificate of Competence for Trainers and Mentors, respectively.

  • As a CAVE© Trainer, you will be able to facilitate the CAVE Approach© Workshops, aiming to help participants to cognitively conquer the virtues.
  • As a CAVE© Mentor, you will be able to assume the role of the Mentor in the Dialogues of Development (DD) sessions, aiming to offer support and guidance to people in their effort to apply the virtues in their life.

You may become any of the above or both by the successful completion of the corresponding CAVE Approach© certification process that includes training, practice, supervision and assessment.

Those interested in acquiring either or both of the above certicifications, should apply to enrol for the relevant certification process by sending a letter of application to and, respectively.