The CAVE Approach© for Human Development

Classical Aristotelian Virtues of Ethics

  • The need

    Why do intelligent people fail to succeed? Why can't acquired knowledge and skills be applied efficiently? Why do good intentions not lead to good results? Why does getting what we want not necessarily make us happy? Why are privileged people not necessarily happy and successful? These questions and other similar ones reflect that efficiency is not a matter of knowledge, skills, intellectual capacity or intention. It is rather a matter of willingness and ability to use and apply all the above in a way that promotes our success and happiness through the appropriate attitudes, behaviors and actions.

  • The value

    The CAVE Approach© for Human Development aims to help people acquire a widely applicable set of logical and moral standards against which they can assess their attitudes, behaviors and actions as appropriate or not for bringing results that promote their individual success and wellbeing, and common good. Based on the above criteria and on people’s particular needs in regard to these criteria, the approach also provides personalized guidance and support for development.

  • What Is It?

    The CAVE Approach© for Human Development refers to a pioneering methodology for the development of 14 Aristotelian virtues as a means to consistently promote success and happiness in our professional and personal life. Actually, it is the first comprehensive methodology for the systematic and structured development of Aristotelian virtues in the modern world. Its ultimate goal is to provide people with the fundamental capabilities for Human Development, and hence contribute to individual people's eudaimonia, world happiness and the sustainable development of humanity.
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Ordinary people develop skills. Extraordinary people develop virtues.

The CAVE Approach©

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The CAVE Approach© suggests a comprehensive developmental model for HD that can offer people the ability to value what promotes their own wellbeing and the common good, and the ability to use their acquired capabilities efficiently in order to achieve what they value. The structured and systematic methodology of the CAVE Approach© includes the following products and services:

  1. Assessments

    Assessments measure the extent to which virtues have been developed at an individual and/or group level, and identify the issues associated with the specific virtues’ deficits.

  2. Trainings
    Training and workshops provide people with the necessary framework to “cognitively conquer” the virtues which are a prerequisite for their personal and professional development.
  3. Mentoring & Support Services

    Mentoring and support services refer to the Dialogues of Development which provide systematic guidance and support to people in order to develop and apply the virtues to their life.

  4. Certifications for Professionals

    Practitioners and experts of various professional fields (business, social, behavioral or human sciences) who are interested in conducting the CAVE Approach© Workshops shall be certified as adequately qualified to facilitate them by being enrolled in the process of the CAVE Approach©Certificate of Competence for Trainers. Likewise, professionals interested in applying Dialogues of Development in their daily practice, need to be adequately qualified and hold the CAVE Approach© Certificate of Competence for Mentors.
  5. Educational Tourism Services

    Educational Tourism Services will introduce you, your colleagues, your friends or family to the Aristotelian Virtues and eudaimonic life through a rich experience of the Greek culture, structured so as to stimulate all your five senses. You will see, hear, taste, smell and feel elements of the Greek culture through which you will learn about the Aristotelian virtues, eudaimonia and happiness. Travel to your Happiness…