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Dear Guests, welcome!
You are standing at the threshold of a journey, the most beautiful and meaningful journey in the world; the journey of your eudaimonic life. It is the journey that I travel as a citizen, mother, friend, colleague and in every other role in my life to discover and enjoy the wonderful opportunities to create my happiness. What is amazing in this journey is that while I try to create my own happiness, I practically contribute to the achievement of what once seemed to me an unrealistic dream; a world that is a fulfilling and safe place to live, a united world, inhabited by friendly people that are fair to each other and enjoy living in peace with each other, who care for their wellbeing while being socially responsible, who are efficient in achieving meaningful and valuable advancements, who care about creating better conditions for the next generations and humanity as a whole. Suddenly, I realized that it is my responsibility to create the world I dream of, and that to create it I do not need to do anything more than just be committed to living a eudaimonic life. This is what eudaimonic life is all about; individual wellbeing and common good, which together lead to the sustainable development of societies and humanity as a whole.

I cannot say it is always a pleasant journey, because it also requires effort and commitment. Nothing comes easily in this life, much less our happiness. On the other hand, what is my other option? Just lie back and let 'circumstances', past conditioning, unconsciously established thinking patterns, luck and anything other than my logical consciousness drive my happiness... or unhappiness, and impact other people's, the community's, even the world's happiness...or unhappiness. I have made my choice. My happiness, my eudaimonia is my most important goal in my life. This is my number one priority: not to be professionally successful, but to do so in a way that will promote my happiness; not to make money, but to earn it and to use it in a way that will promote my happiness; not to get married and have kids, but to do so in a way that will promote my happiness etc. The development of the Aristotelian virtues of the CAVE Approach© is my way to happiness, and the CAVE Approach© is my contribution to other people that are interested and determined to be happy, promoting their individual wellbeing and the common good, as it offers structured guidance and support in such endeavours.

Travelers of this journey might be considered as romantic fools or intelligent social reformers. Again, it is a matter of a virtue, specifically Judgment, to assess which one is true, and which is not. My Judgment, which I hope for the sake of all is well-developed, suggests the second is true.
As I mentioned in the beginning of this message, you might be at the threshold of a journey (if you are not already travelling on it). I really hope that you will pass over the threshold and travel on this journey with the rest of us who do believe that "our Happiness depends upon us" as Aristotle said, and that we can make the world a better place for us and next generations by just trying to live our lives well.
Thank you for stopping by, and I wish you a flourishing life!
Anastasia Moira

About us…This is always a nice story to tell. The CAVE Approach© for Human Development was originally conceived by Anastasia Moira, an experienced R&D practitioner with studies in Psychology and senior consultant in the field of Human Resources Training & Development. Anastasia specializes in performance improvement and has an extensive experience of over 20 years in productivity and performance management projects throughout a wide spectrum of industries. However, Anastasia was not alone in this endeavor.

The company CAVE-Human Development & Wellness Consultants (www.cave.edu.gr) has been supporting her project from its very early steps by funding its development and its introduction to the global and local academic, professional and business community. Argyro Gkolfi, organizational psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, is Anastasia’s closest partner in the company, offering her professional contribution, wholehearted support, loyalty and passion for the CAVE Approach©.

Besides Anastasia and Argyro who represent the ‘functional core’ of the CAVE Approach©, a number of entrepreneurs, professionals, academic professors, academic institutions and clients have supported the approach’s development and establishment through their precious collaboration with us.

However, the most important contributors to the approach are the people, all those who embrace it, apply it and spread it around the globe, all those who share the same decision (not dream any more) as us; to Flourish as individuals, societies and humanity, to Change our lives and to Change the world.

About Our Partners

    Barbara is our Coaching Partner and responsible for the application of the coaching principles and standards to the Dialogues of Development (DD) sessions. She is a highly experienced Executive and Business Coach, certified from Coach University and Marshall Goldsmith and credentialed through International Coach Federation. Her mastery and vast experience as a coach, along with her expertise in leadership coaching perfectly serve the CAVE Approach© mission to develop individual leaders for HD. Barbara is a master CAVE© Mentor, and a distinguished member of the certification committees met in all phases of the CAVE Approach© Certification process for CAVE© Mentors. Barbara, apart from being a coaching expert, has been an innovative and masterful HR Professional with a wide business experience for over 20 years collaborating with a great number of companies and organizations from different sectors and sizes. Having recorded a 10+ years successful career in corporate environments, since 2000 she has founded Human Resources Expertise (www.hre.gr) to assist companies of all sizes to deal efficiently with HRM issues, change corporate culture and reach alignment with every new strategy. Consequently, besides her valuable partnership in coaching, we enjoy her important contribution to other services of the CAVE Approach© such as those pertaining to training, consulting and business development.

      Dimitrios is our Partner for the Behavioral Assessments, and a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, specialized on the creation of behavioral and psychometric assessments and their procedures. With his expertise, he contributes to the standardization of the CAVE Approach© assessments. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, British Psychological Society and the World Assessment Organization. Dimitrios has been the founder and CEO of Filistos ACT- Assessment Consulting & Training (www.filistos.com). He has 15 years of experience in psychometrics and behavioral testing, offering reliable and complete inventories that provide sound and applicable results for HR professionals and recruiters of all types of companies and market sectors, clinicians and mental health professionals. His psychological inventories fall into the following categories: Employees’ Assessment and Career Development, Psychosocial Risks in the Workplace, Personality and Psychopathology Assessment, Forensic Evaluations, Maritime inventories, etc.