The CAVE Approach© for HD was present at the 2nd International Congress of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, “Positive Psychology Coaching and Rational-Emotive Behavioral Psychology Coaching: Together hand-by-hand”, organized by the Hellenic Institute for Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (HIRECBT) in collaboration with the Hellenic Center for Cognitive Behavioral Coaching and the International Association of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (IACBC).

Anastasia and Argyro made a roundtable presentation with the title “The CAVE Approach© – Implementation of the Aristotelian Ethical Theory in our everyday practice”. In this presentation, great emphasis was placed on the developmental tools and practices of the approach which are the basic components of the CAVE© methodology: the online CAVE© Assessment Tools and the resultant personalized Reports, the Training workshops, and the Dialogues of Development sessions. The discussion elaborated on the compatibility of the CAVE Approach© to the principles and standards of Positive Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral approaches (REBT, CBT, Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching). The roundtable, also, presented a comparative study between the CAVE Approach© practice of Dialogues of Development to the cognitive-behavioral practice of coaching, to highlight the similarities and differences between them. Finally, it was explained how the Dialogues of Development and the conceptual framework the CAVE Approach© relies on as a whole, meaning the Aristotelian Ethical Theory, can be practically applied in the context of Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching.