Human Development Tourism Program

Educational tourism services aim to offer people the chance to be introduced to the CAVE Approach© while acquiring a wider experience of the ancient classical and modern Greek culture, and enjoying creative leisure times. These services are provided under the Human Development (HD) Tourism Program we have designed which connects nature, modern culture and the tangible cultural heritage met in museums, archeological places etc. to the Aristotelian virtues and the HD’s values and principles. The HD Tourism program of course contributes to the universal project “World Virtues for World Vitality(WVWV) in which world’s communities might participate with similar approaches relying on their intangible cultural heritage and their corresponding HD Tourism Programs, aiming to the creation of a common universal culture for the promotion of HD.

The HD Tourism program includes three different types of services in order to best address your unique needs and preferences:

Standard Experience: Athens Calling

You can experience the Greek culture and learn about the Aristotelian virtues and how you can live a eudaimonic and happy life, by choosing a very unique way to spend your days in Athens.
In a 4-day program, you will discover the secrets of eudaimonic life. Dining at astonishing Athenian roof terraces, being guided to mystical spots of the historical centre of Athens, exploring the Acropolis Museum and participating in other recreational activities will offer you the opportunity to elaborate on the notion of the eudaimonic life and experience the Greek culture with all your five senses.
For your residence you can choose micro luxury studios or a 4 or 5-star boutique hotel, where comfort and minimal design meet tradition. We guarantee that our suggestions for your accommodation will be something to remember. Prices differ according to the accommodation options you select.

Exclusive Services

We offer you the opportunity to suit the CAVE Approach© to your own needs, and help you design the program that best accomodates your particular needs and preferences. Learn about how the CAVE Approach© can help you improve your efficiency and wellbeing in everyday life, while being while sightseeing, enjoying breakfast at a luxurious boutique hotel, cruising or even sailing! Whether you are spending family vacations, organizing a weekend getaway with friends, planning a company conference, or on a business trip with clients and colleagues, now you have the opportunity to discover the CAVE Approach© via our customized exclusive services.

In addition to the amenities offered with the Standard Experience and depending on the season, you can choose any extra service or activity from the list below:

  • Tailor-made Workshops & Seminars
  • Private lectures
  • On the spot (individual and/or group) dialectic sessions
  • Aristotelian Symposiums
  • Athletic activities
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sailing & Cruises
  • Wellness & Relaxation services
  • Any combination of the above

Pilgrimage to Eudaimonia

We organize trips to key destinations that are related to living a long and prosperous happy life.
The next destination for 2018 is Ikaria, the Greek island associated with longevity, where your thoughts, mind and body will be revitalized by a cultural experience incorporating the CAVE Approach© principles. The cognitive learning of the Aristotelian virtues is combined with various activities including trekking, trips to local villages, swimming at wonderful beaches, visits to archeological sites and relaxing at natural spas. Ikaria’s local celebrations will also be an unforgettable experience!

Please bear in mind that requests should be made one year in advance.

For further information on how we can make your leisure time activities a unique life changing experience, contact us at!